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Posted by Stork Maternity Consulting on Friday, October 2, 2015

It is now impossible for me to imagine the experience of labor and delivery without a doula. Janae helped me to envision and plan everything I wanted from my childbirth. She guided and coached me toward my own goals, and in the most crucial moments, she provided the rock of strength, wisdom and confidence that I needed in order to make it to the other side. I couldn't be happier about my birthing experience, and I owe a large part of that to my doula.

Leah has been amazing to work with! She provided great support and encouragement to me in terms of breastfeeding and assisted me in making a decision that was right for me and Juliet. She is so knowledgable in everything pregnancy and baby related. I never felt like she was preaching to always seems more like a conversation with a friend who genuinely cares for the well-being of my little baby. She eased all of my first-time mom worries! Thank you Leah!!

- Jennifer Ladner

I had my sweet baby girl on Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2011. That Friday my milk started to come in and it was painful! When I would nurse my baby girl it was so extremely painful that I would dread the next feeding. Leah immediately came check on me that Friday when I called her. She made sure my latch was correct and she showed me how to use the breast pump properly. Once I was able to pump a little it was much better. She was also very nurturing and a great listener. Thanks to her help, I was nursing properly in no time! Thank you Leah!

- Brandie Cado

Leah is a gift! Instantly my little guy (now 5 months old) took to Leah. She put this first time mom at ease. Not only is she a registered neonatal nurse, she is also professional, personable and timely. She always provided detailed notes and respected my wishes for my son. She was extremely knowledgable when I asked for advice. As a lactation consultant, she provided some great info on breastfeeding and would also answer questions about baby sleep and eating habits. We miss living in Austin because we miss her!

- Eshelle Francis

Working with Janae was delightful. When I was pregnant with my little girl I did not know the first thing about car seat or crib safety and she helped me select the best products with the highest safety ratings. She helped alleviate the first time mom jitters. I felt confident putting Izabella in the car seat leaving the hospital, even though I still drove 5 mph all the way home :). Thank you for all your help Janae!

- Gypsy King