Intimate style classes

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Prenatal Breastfeeding

This 2 hour class is taught by our Stork IBCLC. She will educate you on how to breastfeed your new baby and what you need to be successful. Your educator will teach you how to troubleshoot common issues, relieve any concerns and fears about breastfeeding and provide insight on what to expect and how to prepare for nursing your new baby. This class is designed to discuss the benefits of breastfeeding as well as providing useful tips regarding infant feeding cues, positioning, and correct latch.

Childbirth Education

Our experienced childbirth educator provides a perfect alternative for those parents unable to attend group classes over a period of weeks to gain the skills and knowledge for labor and birth. You have the opportunity to customize your childbirth education experience in the privacy of your own home or in our downtown office. Our educator will help you focus on building your confidence on your body’s ability to give birth. We will also discuss pain relief options, massage, relaxation methods, breathing and medications.

Child Safety

This is first on every parents list. We can help you sort it all out!

  • Car seat installation and instruction - Our Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician is dedicated to educating parents on all federal car seat requirements and safety concerns. This 2 hour class provides education on the different types of car seats and when they are best used. The technician will also demonstrate proper car seat installation and provide guidance as parents install the car seat for the first time. Private consultations to answer any questions you have regarding child safety are available.
  • Child CPR - Every parent should be trained on emergency resuscitation of their child. A Stork Registered Nurse will teach you the basics of child CPR and the heimlich maneuver in a 1 hour class so you can have confidence should an emergent situation arise. This class is not a certification class.
  • SIDS Prevention - There are methods parents can use to prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Our Registered Nurse will provide a 1 hour in home inspection and explain ways to help prevent it from happening to your baby.

Newborn Preparation

The first weeks of having your newborn home can be mystifying, and wonderful all at the same time. Our Neonatal R.N. will help you take on this new responsibility with confidence and preparedness.

This class covers all you need to know about baby's first weeks and months at home. This 1.5-2 hour class taught by our Newborn RN focuses on:

  • Diapering
  • Feeding - bottles, nipples, and sterilization
  • Bathing
  • Colic and calming and soothing a fussy baby
  • Teething
  • SIDS prevention
  • Tummy time
  • When to call your pediatrician
  • Immunizations and debunking immunization myths
  • Taking a temperature
  • And much more

Sleep Preparation

This package includes a 2 hour Child Sleep Education workshop and Newborn Calming Session (in-home) before baby arrives (or within first two months) a 2 hour in-home visit with sleep assessment and written plan (at 4 months), 8 follow up phone calls (15 minutes each), and 1 email exchange daily for two weeks. Also included is a copy of Happiest Baby on the Block DVD and Calming Sounds CD.

Postpartum Expectations

This one hour class taught by a Stork Postpartum RN touches on all aspects related postpartum recovery. She educates you on preparing for recovery from a vaginal or Cesarean birth. Attending this class is great for partners or care takers to learn how to care for a new mother.

Hospital Preparation

You should be comfortable and confident in your birthing choices. This session will be your guide for what to expect when you arrive at your hospital or birthing center including:

  • What to pack for baby, mom, and dad
  • Standard hospital procedures
  • Your birthing rights

Parenting Preparedness / Couples Communication

The goal of this 2 hour class is to emotionally and psychologically prepare couples on becoming parents for the first time. Our expert parenting coach educates and guides you on ways to support each other during your exciting transition as parents and help you work on effective communication skills. She provides a non-judgemental and non-clinical ear to allow vulnerability to discuss topics to strengthen your relationship.

Parenting Workshop

So your darling little child is now old enough to not only have an opinion, but to voice it! Now what? How do we get our kids to listen to us, to clean up their toys, to believe in themselves, to feel capable and confident? Simply by learning the skills necessary to help children feel cooperative. When we speak to children a certain way they will be more likely to listen to us! We just need to learn how to change our words (and our attitude) to help encourage the best in our children. In our six-week workshop called How To Talk So Kids Will Listen (And Listen So Kids Will Talk) Tanja Knutson will educate you on how to:

  • Hear and understand your child's concerns
  • Help your child develop a realistic and positive self-image
  • Engage your child's willing cooperation
  • Set limits while maintaining peace
  • Cope with your child's negative feelings
  • Express anger without damaging or hurting
  • Resolve conflicts peacefully
  • Create a family atmosphere of love and respect.

Baby Wearing

Our babywearing expert seeks to inform parents about the joy and benefits of babywearing. Babywearing can enrich the lives of children and those who care for them while also creating a strong bond between you and your new baby.